basic umbrella rig

V4 Umbrella Rig


When the water cools down and there’s a brisk nip in the air it’s a great time to switch gears and put a TrueSouth bladed rig to work. Hammer down with the V4 rig, 4 willow or colorado blades for plenty of flash and vibration like a pod of bait fish. Three colors of blades available allow you to customize your rig for water conditions. All our rigs are loaded with quality, torsion straightened wire, quality blades and swivels, and split rings instead of snaps that will reduce tangling. These rigs are extremely light and strong and make them an easy choice when throwing them all day. So REV up your rig game with a V series rig from TrueSouth Custom Lures and let your competition see tail lights.   Be sure to checkout our quality jig heads in the  terminal tackle section for rigging needs.



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