Beater Buzz in smoke shad with medium silver blade
Beater Buzz in white with large silver bladeBeater Buzz in chart. and white with medium gold bladeBeater Buzz in black with large blade.

The Beater Buzz


The Beater Buzz is a head knocker style buzzbait. It’s made to fish fast and create an awesome knocking sound. Built with a Mustad 5/0 black nickel hook and a hand wire tied skirt. The “Beater” comes in 3/8 and 1/2 oz. We are offering two sizes of blades to allow you to control your speed of fishing. Blades are offered in three colors, black ,silver ,or gold. This will allow you to custom build your buzzbait to fit your needs. We recommend using a trailer hook on this bait to increase hook ups. The “Beater Buzz ” is a must have for the angler who loves to catch bass on top.

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