Live Wire 3.0

Live Wire 3.0


Introducing the Shane Lineberger signature series Live Wire spinnerbait. For Anglers who love fishing spinnerbaits in clear water the Live Wire 3.0 is for you. This spinnerbait is built around very light but durable .026 torsion straightened stainless wire that makes this spinnerbait come alive. 3 premium blades with a Worth swivel for the illusion of a school of baitfish that creates some incredible reaction strikes in clear water. We used a super sharp long shank Mustad black nickel hook that penetrates and keeps bass hooked. Hand tied premium skirts in 6 awesome colors and hand painted eyes complete this USA made bass catching machine. Available in 3/8 , 1/2 and 3/4 oz sizes. The Live Wire 3.0 is a great spinnerbait for fishing the shad spawn, schooling fish and clear water situations, pick up a few and put some big fish in the boat.

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