Ledge Roller
TS-ROLLER top left tandem with #4.5 willow, top right tandem with #5 willow, bottom left tandem mag willow, bottom right single colorado



The TS-ROLLER spinnerbait is designed for slow rolling techniques used in winter ,early spring and summer. With the help of Professional Guide Rusty White we have assembled a great slow rolling spinnerbait that you can have confidence in.Made with a special shaped head ,that helps stabilize the bait at slow speeds and when crashing into cover. The Roller is 5/8 oz and built with a 5/0 black nickel Mustad hook. Hand wire tied skirt and quality components make this spinnerbait a must have for your tacklebox. Four different blade combinations are available to fit your fishing style. Also new to the Roller lineup is the Twin Roller , built just like to original Roller but with twins arms that have colorado blades attached. This bait has proven to be a great ledge and drop bait, as well as an effective night fishing spinnerbait.

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