If you like to fish jigs, we are offering a nice jig kit that makes jig selection simple and easy.


Each kit comes with 12 jigs in 6 popular and productive colors. You choose between 4 styles of jigs and two sizes. The colors included are Hot GP Magic, Black Blue, Dyer Special, Hammer, Full Moon Craw, and Phatback. Each kit comes with a Plano Pro Latch box. You can also order the kit with just jigs and no trailers if you like. Pick up a few of these kits today and be ready for the jig bite the next time you are on the water.

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Proudly Made in the USA!

Our mission to provide quality hand crafted lures for recreational and tournament anglers everywhere.

We give extra attention to quality and detail in every product we make. Our customers are our business so we want to give them the personal service they deserve. With over 28 years of bass fishing experience our family understands the importance of having confidence in the lures we fish and we want to share our passion with you.


We have added a new color for jigs, this color has a very special purpose. The color is Old Skool Purple and purple is the color for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness. For every Old Skool Purple jig sold, TrueSouth Custom Lures will donate $1.00 to Pancreatic Cancer research.

Custom Buzz Baits

If you are looking for a loud and nasty buzzbait that moves a ton of water,
then look no further...

V-Twin Buzzbait


  • A great addition to your top water arsenal
  • Features twin delta blades
  • Extremely easy to fish and it's sound is simply irresistible to bass

V-Twin Buzzbait Black
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4-Stroke Buzzbait


  • Four blades that clack against each other with different pitches
  • Can be fished fast or slow
  • Deadly when used at night or low light situations

4 Stroke Buzz Black
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We are excited to offer

LED Lighting

If you want to add a few lights or a whole kit, we can supply you with what you need to light up the night. These LED lights draw little power and come with a lifetime warranty. They are easy to install but if you don't have the time let us know and we will do it for you.

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TrueSouth Hand Crafted Custom Jigs

TS-1 Jig

This is a great jig for fishing grass. Made with a super strong Mustad round bend hook and your choice of bass attracting colors.

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TS-2 Jig

Our most popular and versatile jig. Flip it, swim it,skip it and cast it. This jig will do it all, and it also features a Mustad flat eye round bend hook.

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TS-3 Jig

A football head jig made with a medium wire flat eye Mustad round bend hook. Great for fishing rip-rap and rocks. We can make this jig with a standard or finesse skirt.

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Blind Side Jig

A flat sided football head jig made with a medium wire flat eye Mustad round bend hook. Great for fishing rip-rap and rocks. We can make this jig with a standard or finesse skirt.

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Fathead Jig

A great jig for fishing around brush and heavy cover. This hand tied jig comes with a super strong Mustad round bend hook.

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Rockstar Jig

A ball head finesse jig designed for deep clear water fisheries. Its also a great little jig for skipping docks when the fish are looking for a smaller profile jig.

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TS-4 Swim Jig

This jig is built around a bullet shaped head that will swim through vegetation and cover very well. It has a super sharp Mustad hook with a hand wire tied skirt and realistic 3-D eyes.

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If you have a passion for the outdoors, what better way to say it than with

TrueSouth Gear

Get your TrueSouth gear here! In apparrel we have several styles of shirts, as well as hats. Also available are decals for your boat and vehicles.

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